This page contains power point presentations and other supporting materials from panels that we have run at various conventions. If you have attended one of our panels, please take a moment to fill out the feedback form!

Current Panels

  • 3D Printing for Cosplay-You've heard of 3D printing, but have you ever considered using it for cosplay? Sanddiver Studios will explain how you can use this technology to help enhance cosplay props and accessories. We will cover printer selection and options, modelling basics, and how to finish your creations.
  • After the Sewing-Costume is on, wig is secure! Now what? Join Sanddiver Studios as we talk about ways to make the most of your cosplay experience. We’ll help you come up with dynamic poses that fit your character and look good on camera. Masquerade participants will learn how to show their costumes off to the judges, as well as what *not* to say in the judging room! We’ll also endow you with Mad Cosplay Survival Skillz so you can do battle with the fearsome Wardrobe Malfunction no matter when it appears.
  • Costume Construction Basics-Don’t know a button from a bobbin? Convinced the sewing machine is just waiting to pounce when your back is turned? Never fear! In this panel, Sanddiver Studios will introduce you to the fundamentals of sewing. We’ll cover basic terminology, explore the anatomy of the sewing machine, discuss fabric selection (step away from the costume satin!), and offer suggestions for choosing a pattern. No sewing experience required!
  • Costume Construction Beyond the Basics-This panel goes beyond the basics panel and covers additional topics such as seam finishing, pattern alterations, and basic prop construction.
  • The Games of Anime-This panel covers different card and tile games seen in anime. A brief description of each is given along with basic rules.
  • Sewing Men's Clothing-Are you a male cosplayer or a woman who wants to crossplay? Join Samaru as he surveys the basics of sewing with a special emphasis on constructing men’s garments. Learn what patterns are available for men, what makes a piece of clothing ‘masculine’ to begin with, and why exactly men’s shirts and women’s shirts button from opposite sides. We’ll look at everything from standard school uniform pieces to Victorian waistcoats. This panel will also touch on the essentials of female-to-male crossplay.