Patterning Bracers

I'm working on getting a set of leather bracers and jerkin done in time for an upcoming Renfaire. In this post I discuss the patterning of the bracers.

Glue Basting

When working on Mei, I was encountering issues with the outer layers of the suit wrinkling as I basted them to the denim support layer. In this post, I explain how I used glue basting to prevent the wrinkles.

Bunny Mei Completed

Raj and I attended Ramencon 2017 in South Bend, Indiana. Prior to the event we had planned to join an Overwatch Butler/Maid group with Kojika Cosplay. This post details my retrospective thoughts on the Bunny Mei that I completed for Rajamitsu.

New Panel PDFs Added

I have updated the PDF versions of the panels to reflect changes made for the presentations at Ohayocon 2017!

Come See Us at Ohayocon

Learn about our panel schedule at Ohayocon 2017!