Garnet's Jumpsuit-Planning

Had someone approach me about making her Garnet's jumpsuit from Final Fantasy.  I agreed and began the planning process.  The costume is fairly simple, white puffy shirt and and orange sleeveless jumpsuit with a lace-up front. 

I began by searching for a pattern to use as a base for the jumpsuit.  From working on Heihachi I had discovered QuikSew's jumpsuit pattern and luckily it was still in print.  It would make a good base for the jumpsuit but would require modification to both the front and removal of the sleeves. 

Because of these modifictaions, I first started by making a muslin version of the pattern.  This would also have the added advantage of giving her something to try on so I could be sure both the cut of the front and fit were correct.  The muslin went together pretty quickly and this is what the final test version looked like.

 jumpsuit muslin