Continuing the Jumpsuit

I got the test version back from the client today with all changes marked.  The muslin really helped in this case as I found that the pattern was way too long and the front needed some modifications to fit.  I noted the changes and then cut apart the muslin version to use in cutting the final costume. 

Here you can see the lovely orange fabric I am using.  You may notice that this is a twill and not a stretch fabric like many Garnet costumes use.  This is because they wanted a loose fitting coverall type of garmet instead of the form fitting version that most use. 

orange fabric

The cutting process was pretty straghtfoward.  I actually cut many of the pieces using the original pattern pieces then marked the changes onto the fabric where needed. Since the changes were only in the leg length and lapel I was able to use the pattern pieces to cut most everything.  Here you can see several pieces marked and ready to be cut.

pieces ready for cutting

The only big change in cutting is producing sleeve facings in place of sleeves.  The sleeve facings will be attached instead of sleeves then folded under to convert the garment into a sleeveless version.  I will cover that process in the next post!