Bunny Mei Completed

This costume was planned to accompany Kojika Cosplay at Ramencon 2017.  The design was based on a sketch created by Rajamitsu.  Originally, I was going to create a butler version of Soldier 76 with vest and pants but due to time constraints I did a closet version with suit jacket. 

General Construction Notes

The pattern was based on the Yaya Han bunny suit pattern published by McCalls.  Matte milliskin was used for the fashion fabric which was flatlined with some denim to prevent stretch (since this was a hallway costume I didn't want to spend the money on coutil).  Spriral steel boning was used for support. 

Raj constructed the bunny ears using white felt and a hair band.

Lessons Learned/Changes Made

Due to time constraints (badly timed allergy attacks and cold) the original designed was modified to speed up construction.  The contrasting color applique was changed to contrasting trim with fur on the top and contrasting trim on the legs.  The cape was not completed and will hopefully be added in the next iteration of the costume. 

There were some fit issues around the legs.  Had I more time, I would have gone back and resized the individual pieces to better fit.  However, in the interest of actualy having one completed costume for the group I simply gathered the extra fabric and put a dart in each leg opening.  This actually will not be a big issue once the cape is completed since that will hide the dart from view.

I also plan on completing fur trimed cuffs to complete the look.